Bishop Amat Dance Team Tryouts

Brought to you by Helen Pinto

The day is coming very soon do not miss out.

Dance Team clinics are mandatory to all students who are interested in being a member of the Bishop Amat Dance Team for the school year of 2015-2016. Students planning on trying out must go to all three days of clinics. On the last day of clinics there will be an email sent out to students with the numbers of students that made the first cuts and will attend final auditions.

Students can leave to go home after finishing their audition on Friday. The names and numbers of the students that made dance team will be in a window outside of the gym, where tickets are sold for school events.There will be no email sent out to inform the students on who made the team students must go check in the window. The dance team will be broken into 2 teams, junior varsity and varsity.

Students that make it to the Bishop Amat Dance Team will perform at several events such as rallies, Winter Concert, competitions, Spring Concert, and several more events.

Clinics and Final Audition

Tuesday, April 21st, 3:30pm to Friday, April 24th, 6:30pm

14301 Fairgrove Avenue

La Puente, CA

Everyone attending the tryouts should wear comfortable clothes and dance shoes if you do not own any jazz shoes students may wear shoes that they feel comfortable in. Students that make it to final auditions must wear all black attire with hair out of face.
Students will be properly warmed up, do across the floor combinations, demonstrate turning combinations and any other special tricks or talents and will be taught two combinations that the students will show the judges on the final auditions.