The Benefits of Having a Puppy

This is why a puppy would be great for this family to have.

This is the main reason that we should get a puppy.

The thing that you hate most is when we argue over what to do. If we have a puppy then we could play with the puppy together or while the other is doing something else.

And yes, this is for real.

Please keep an open mind about this. It is important to us because we really want this and we think that it will help Aaron and I solve our problems with fighting.

Riley: Whenever I see somebody with a dog, I think, wow, they are so lucky. Dogs are good companions and they never let go of your friendship.

Aaron: Dogs are known as mans best friends/companions. I want to see how good of a friend a dog can be. I think experiencing that will be a great thing for our family. I will be able to play whenever I want. Riley will be able to snuggle when ever she wants. We will both have more responsibility as growing children and I think we need that. According to scientists dog owners are said to have lower cholesterol and blood pressure, fewer heart attacks, have a better mood, make kids stronger (emotionally and mentally) , and make you more sociable. Dogs can even help you be more fit! You might not even need to go to Anyssa any more!

Best Puppies For Us

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More costs

Those were the average costs of the puppies themselves. We would also need to buy food, a crate, toys, a collar, and a bed. If he/she didn't want to sleep in the crate and bed, she could sleep with me or Aaron.

Problems and Solutions

  • You hate when we complain about what we play; we will play with the dog.
  • We want to chill and be active; Aaron tires dog Riley then snuggles with it.
  • When will it run/ go to bathroom? Aaron is up at 6:30 he will take dog out. If Riley is up she can go with it. We will leave notes when we leave the house to take dog out.
  • Riley and Aaron will pitch in with costs. ex. Lemonade stand over summer, R babysits/mother's helper, normal piggy bank mula.
  • Aaron will pick up poop/pee in/out of house. If Aaron is out of house then Riley will do it.
  • We will have a schedule of when and who will feed and take out the dog.

Dog's Health

  • We will schedule or plan the dogs health appointments and needs.
  • We will give the dogs nutritional food and vitamins.
  • We could put vitamins in with a treat. Ex. We could roll it up in a piece of bacon or cheese.
  • We will pay for tick/flea treatment.

Best Available Supplies

  • Crate: Midwest iCrate
  • Food: Blue Dog Food
  • Flea/Tick Care: K9 Advantix2 and Bio Active Care Shampoo
  • Bed: Precision Pet Clamshell
  • Bowl: Top Paw Double Diner Dog Bowl
  • Leash,Harness, etc.: Grreat Choice Adjustable Dog Harness, Top Paw Dog Leash, TagWorks Sport Collection Bone ID Tag, Grreat Choice Dog Collar
  • Training: Natures Miracle Scent Releasing Potty Training Pads.