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Adam H.

I Choose This Quote Because...

Every time I finish a book I learn a hundred new things, I grow attached to the characters and can't put the book down. I love going to the library and getting books that look like they would be fun to read.

About Me

I am a sixth grader that loves baseball, the Missouri Tigers, the St. Louis Cardinals, playing sports, and going on vacation with my family. I love to read and I read almost ever day!

10 Facts About Me as a Reader

  1. My favorite book is Battle of the Labyrinth
  2. I have read over one hundred books
  3. I read almost every night
  4. I like to go to the library everyday after school
  5. My least favorite book is Sea of Monsters
  6. The last book I read was the Westing Game
  7. I don't use bookmarks, but instead I memorize the page i'm on
  8. The first book I read was Cat In the Hat
  9. My favorite book series either The Harry Potter Series or The Percy Jackson Series
  10. My least favorite character from any book is Piper from The Heroes of Olympus
Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

I Choose The Song Happy By Pharrell Williams Because...

Every time I am reading a good book I'm really happy. I can't put the book down and can't wait to get back to reading it! I think about the book all day and have trouble coming back to reality, I am also always looking for a place were I can get back to my book.

Blog Entry

Right now I am reading The Only Thing To Fear, but I just started it. The last book I finished was The Westing Game. It was a very good book with a mystery. I read it for my reading class and really ended up liking it. I liked the suspenseful mystery of who took Sam Westing's life. The book had a really fun twist at the end. I would recommend this to anyone who likes mysteries!

My Interests and Favorites

I enjoy playing sports, reading, and playing video games. I also play the piano and drums. My two favorite books are The Battle of the Labyrinth from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I like this book because it is the start of all the action in the Harry Potter series. I like the The Battle of the Labyrinth because it is the book when Percy sees Kronos for the first time in his shrine, inside the body of his former friend.
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Barns & Nobles' book list of recommendations offers great reads for teens, new releases, summaries, books that became movies, coming soon books, and great series. Barns and Noble is also very close so you can go get the book if you see one you like.
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J.R.R. Tolkien is my favorite author because he wrote the The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit which made okay movies, but they were great reads.

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