Step by step process

Essential Items and due dates

To do your own taxes you'll need a couple for forms. You'll need a W-2 Form and a tax table chart.

Your employer should give you the W-2 Form

You can find the Tax table online

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How to fill out your 1040ez

Line 1-Your wages that you get from the w-2 from that your employer should give to you

Line 2- That is your Taxable interest that you also get from the W-2 form your employer gives you

Line 3-If fill this line out if you are unemployed but most of the time you are placing a 0 because you are employed

Line 4-Add the lines from above 1+2+3 to give you the adjusted gross income

Line 5-For line 5 it varies in many ways how much money you are going to pay.

There is a chart you fill out to see what you actually pay.

Line 6-Subtract Line 4 from line 5 to get your taxable income

Line 7-That is your federal income tax that should be on your W-2 form.

Line 8-

Line 9- Add lines 8 and 9 to get your total payments and credits

Line 10- Use your tax table and line 6 to find your total tax match up how much line 6 has with the tax table you find online and put in the number that is suited

Line 11- If you have health care place if full coverage or not

Line 12-Add line 11 and 10 to find your total tax 11+10=12

Line 13- If line 9 is larger than line 12 subtract 9 form 12 and that is your tax return

Line 14-If line 12 is larger than line 9 subtract line 12 from 9 and that is the amount you owe.

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