Series of Unfortunate events

By: William Fudge


The Setting is in Count Olafs house where it is mucky and dirty and smells

About the Author

Lemoney Snicket is the author of The Series of Unfortunate events That has 12 books. They also made a movie and Count olaf is Jim Carey
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Main and minor characters

There is 3 main characters Sunny, Violet, and Klause. Sunny is 3 years old and loves to chew on things. Violet is the oldest and loves to invent things in any chrisis she can invent the best thing for the situation. Klause is the middle child he loves to read and he can remember anything he read so in any of the children need anything to know Klause can help them. The minor characters are Count Olaf.

Summary of the book

The beginning: Klause, Sunny and violet are outside watching as their house burns down, and finds out that their parents died and are going to have to live with a distant relative named Count Olaf. The kids move in to Count Olaf's house and it is discusting so Count Olaf is making the kids share a room and making them do hard chores

The Middle: Count Olaf Finds out that The Baudelair children have a huge fortune gave to them when their parents died so he is trying to marry the eldest child Violet.

The End: Sunny is locked up in a cage on top of the tall tree in the back yard and Klause has to get sunny back and also stop the marrage of Count Olaf and Violet. So Klayse has to get a rope and get Sunny down, then calls the police and gets Count Olaf in prison for now.

Will Violet, Sunny, and Klause end up having a happy future or will Count Olaf sneak out of jail and get the children back.