My Persona

Samantha Divers

I am...

  • Intelligent
  • Impatient
  • Gracious at times
  • Sarcastic
  • Clever
  • Silent
  • Obliging (Helpful)
  • Reserved
  • Abnormal
  • Humorous


  • Video Games
Ranges from online games such as FPS (First Person Shooters) to Skyrim.

  • Listening to or Playing Music
All types of music is what I listen to. I also have a clarinet.

  • Having family/friend time.
Everyone does this, no need to explain.
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Flu Shots And Needles In General

No. Just no. These are beyond frightening. No person in their right mind would EVER want this thing in them. I admit it, I'm scared of needles. Nearly pass out whenever I get a shot. Not fun at all.
4 Hours Ocean Waves Sea Waves Stunning Sound - Paradise At Last! Relaxation 30: #007

The Reason I Chose Waves Is...

I am an alter ego person. I'll be calm and quiet in class, but when I'm with my friends, I'm loud and obnoxious
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One Place That Impacted Me

Galveston Island (the picture above) left a huge impact on me. Going there with my family nearly every year is a fun experience and feels even better than going to Sea World. The best attraction there, in my opinion, is Moody Gardens, which has 3 triangles that hold exhibits. The blue one is the Aquarium Pyramid, the clear/white one is the Rain Forest Pyramid, and the red one is the Discovery and Museum Pyramid. That is one place me and my family will always go to on our trip. It provides great family time and lots of fun as well.

Atlantic Records

Awake And Alive by Atlantic Records

The Reason I Chose This Song...

Besides all the lovey-dovey parts, this song describes how I feel quite well. It also describes how I feel about the world today. The "I'm at war with the world..." part is true for all of us. "I'll stand my ground and never back down..." Is definitely my stubbornness speaking right there.

A Quote That Suits Me..

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, and some humor." ~ Maya Angelou

This doesn't quite explain me, but it explains how I want to be. I want to have passion for my future, show others compassion and kindness, and have humor to enjoy the fun things in life.

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As You Can See..

I like video games. Mostly PC videos games, but I play on others too. There are games me and my family play together such as Diablo. While by myself, I tend to either play online games such as First Person Shooters (FPS) or non online games such as Skyrim.

My Favorite Book and Movie

  • Book: The Warrior Cats Series
Yes, I like a book about cats being the main characters. There is nothing wrong with me, I promise.

  • Movie: Avengers
Only movie I could really think of. I love marvel. I love action. I do not like romance movies. Never going to watch another one of those movies ever again. Anyways, I really don't have a favorite movie. This is just one of the many that stuck with me.

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Penguins are amazing, man. You cannot look at them and tell me that they aren't. 1) The babies are adorable. 2) They can slide on their belly fat. I wish I could do that. And 3) They're awesome. So don't lie.
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The Biggest Influence On Me

This is my brother Tyler. Most people don't have good relationships with their siblings, but me and my brother are extremely close. He helps me with my grades and many challenges in my life. I couldn't have gotten as far as I am if it weren't for him. If it wasn't for him, I would be much more insecure and anti-social than I already am and I wouldn't be nearly as good in band and my grades if it wasn't for him. Tyler is a big impact in my life and will soon be big influences in other people's lives as he moves on to college this summer.