Eric Whitaker Arizona

Eric Whitaker Arizona

Living in Phoenix Arizona - Can it be Right For You?

Thinking of living in Eric Whitaker Arizona , Arizona ( az )? How about these smaller outlying residential areas in Arizona ( az ), such as San Tan Valley, Maricopa, or perhaps Cave Creek?

Well, I am just here to assist you make up your mind!

Virtually five years ago, I made one of the more extreme moves while i picked up as well as left Rhode Island, my birth place and home with regard to 33 decades, and chose to "go west". I ended up in Tempe, Arizona.

At first there was quite a lifestyle shock, and also homesickness, of course. I won't lie or stretch the truth here... It turned out pretty tough to make in which move and for a few weeks right after arriving, My spouse and i doubted my own decision.

Issues finally quitened down as well as came together, as they often accomplish, and I identified a decent job in Glendale, Arizona, received myself a motor vehicle, and started to really enjoy living in the Phoenix-metro area of Arizona.

Right now, I know whatever you decide and have heard, particularly if are living in some of those states containing all Some seasons. You've probably heard it's very hot during the summer time, unbearable nearly. Well, the fact remains, it's really hot. However, and this is a large "BUT", it IS a dry out heat! Because cliche since it sounds, it's correct. That being said, you really must have ac and/or a pool (which in turn most folks carry out) to live perfectly through the hot Arizona summertime.

The great thing about surviving in Phoenix, Arizona, is that the real heat just lasts about four and a half months, and then the weather settles in a "paradise-like" winter, knowning that weather can not be beat! It's absolutely stunning!

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