Ms. McCants' Eagles' Nest

English 9/English 9 Honors (Week of May 16 - May 20)

English/English 9 Weekly Notes

9 Days and Counting! I would like to thank all of you for your support this year. You have some amazing kids that have impacted my life for the better. Attached is the last English 9/English Honors Flyer for the year. Inside the flyer is the schedule for final exams and the link for summer reading selections. For any student who has to take an English 9 or English 9 Honors final, the study guide has been posted on Edmodo for the last 2 weeks. Anytime this week (before or after school), you may come for a review session with me if needed. Also, any student that has received an HCS Exemption letter needs to return it to their teacher before the end of the week. Again thank you, and have a great summer

CHS Final Exam Schedule

Monday, May 23: 6th/8th Period Exams

Tuesday, May 24: 5th/7th Period Exams; 9th-11th Awards Day Ceremony at 5:30 pm in CHS Auditorium

Wednesday, May 25: 2nd/4th Period Exams

Thursday, May 26: 1st/3rd Period Exams

PDF Text of George Orwell's "Animal Farm

This link allows you to access the entire novel online.

George Orwell - Animal Farm (Audio book) Complete HD - Full Book.
Animal Farm trailer