Organs= how do organs work


most important

The most important are the heart,brain,lungs,liver,stomach,kidneys,eyes,intestines,veins,pituitary

coolest fact

There are 78 organs in the human body but counting the important ones there only 12 ones.I think its cool because there are 12 that are important and not many people might know it.

which can you live without

kidney,spleen,reproductive organ,stomach,colon,appendix


The brain controls you if your brain stops then your DEAD


Fully cleans the air and pumps blood to the body


Blood gives the body air so its 2 pumps because blood carries away waste and gives the lungs air.

why I chose my big queston

Because I wanted to do how to make games but when i searched it up i couldn't find anything. Then I decided to do organs because it was my second question.

cointued studing

I might go back to the games because I found a really good book and its VERY intresting

how ill utilize this

If I become a doctor ill know a bit about organs and I wont have to learn what some do/if a war were to happen I would know what I would need to fix right away and which they need and which they don't need