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"... from the start till the end, I’ve never seen ANFA that unified before, the interactions between all the participants helped us to fill the gap in term of knowledge...." Read more...

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Happy new month of March! We hope you've started it well. May it be fun-filled and prosperous in whatever plans you've put ahead. Back with the edition première of March, we first take this opportunity to say thank you for the wonderful feedback we got from you via emails following our last transmission, we truly appreciate and glad that you enjoy. We are putting in more efforts to ensure it even gets better and better based on your taste. This can be done by sending us your remarks after receiving and reading this article. Enjoy the read!

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Wonderful "Raising Revolution" going on here with 5 new partnerships on board who are ENSEM, Kaymu, Jumia, hello food and rocket internet and a successful TLs' meeting. Other than these, the unit has 14 New TNs in education, management and HR and 1 EP matched.
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The month starts with good news that we have LC 2 LC partnership with India and Ukraine, France and Turkey partnerships are on going. We closed the month with an iGCDP Leaders gathering on 28th Feb and started the month with the whole iGCDP family gathering as well on 1st March. We're now brainstorming and conducting NGO market resaerchs to design the final spring projects, raising free spots with hostels in collaboration with the Ukranian CEEDer : Nadiya and lastly evaluating and analysing the MENA Project in collaboration with the Egyptian CEEDer Hussien.


Started the month with successfully conducted GC Booths During Travellers' Tales at ESIG, also two others at ENCG Casablanca and HEM. Moreover, matching is on going for the raised EPs for Summer and so far we have 10 LC to LC Collaborations which are : AIESEC Rzeszow-Poland, AIESEC Istanbul and Kocaeli-Turkey, AIESEC Moscow-Russia, AIESEC University of MALAYA-Malaysia, AIESEC Debrecen-Hungary, AIESEC Curitiba and Maringa-Brazil, AIESEC SYSU-China, and we got others in progress.


The month ended with a successful executed Travellers' Tales event at ESIG. In addition to this, we've just launched our 2nd edition of Anfa Magazine, which can be pre-ordered "HERE".

Weekly Testimonial - Anass BENBOUIDDA

TLsCo's objective is to offer a massive coaching for TLs. At the first when I booked my place I was expecting a similar style of conference, but the reality was another story, from the start till the end, I've never seen ANFA that unified before, the interactions between all the participant helped us to fill the gap in term of knowledge. The EBs made huge efforts so that every member knows everything about each department especially exchange which is core of AIESEC and the focus of our LC. During the three days, everyone had the spirit of a fighter, a fighter who will help the growth of its entity by becoming soldiers like our EBs, the soldiers who will drive the change for this entity, by getting engaged, purposeful, and solution oriented, conforming to GEN2015.

Now I feel I've experienced a conference which I think is better than KO+NLDS combined. I couldn't be more thankful to our EBs for the quality of the delivery, for being too close to the members and for their efforts toward this entity.


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