Communicate Silently

Ways sign language can be useful outside the deaf humanity

What is Sign language?

A language that is spoken with visual gestures and hand sign movements. It is a wide range of variety within this communication style just like any other verbal spoken language. Sign language can be in ASL (American Sign Language), Spanish, Chinese, German and all of the other languages globally.

This chart shows some locations where interpreters are needed. This does not mean these are the only places where sign language interpreters are because there are many more locations.

Why learn it if your not involved with the deaf humanity?

Sign Language: Why learn it?


Speak quietly in loud places or off in a distance from others.

Can talk in places like a library or movie theater without being rude.

Communicate well without talking which can be useful if you have oral surgery.

Boosts career opportunities

Helps babies learn to talk and promotes more closeness with the child.

Bilingualism boosts the brain.

Improves classroom behavior, spelling, small motor skills, builds better communication skills and vocabulary,

Can help speaking disabled communicate easier

Elderly people have hearing difficulties

People who are around loud noises constantly or have had injuries that can cause hearing loss.


Unfortunately ,people with some disabilities such as Parkinson's and arthritis will have difficulties with sign language and with any arm/hand deformities would make sign language impossible to do.

What skills can be improved by learning sign language?




Body language

Body movement/flexibility




Deaf Animals?

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