By: Arabella Platz

Fast Facts

  • GDP per Capita- $21,956.41
  • Population- 10,939,771
  • Area- 50,949 mil2
  • Government- Parliamentary Republic
  • 98% Christian Orthodox
  • Economy-
Domestic Product- 45th $235.6 Billion

Power Parity- 51st $283.6 Billion

  • Climate-
Summer- 30*C - 35*C (Hot and dry)

Winter- 14*C - 16*C (Cold and wet)

  • About 12 million people speak Greek in the world.
  • Soccer is the national sport
  • Euro is their currency
  • Everyone 18 or Older have to vote

Land forms and Bodies of water

There are a total of 133 mountains in Greece. Olympos and Smolikas are two of the tallest mountains. There are a total of 15 lakes in Greece, Trichonis and Volvi are a few. Aliakmon and Acheloos are two of the 21 rivers.


  • 1896- First Olympic Games
  • 1952- Greece enters NATO
  • 1975- Change in government
  • 2004- Summer Olympic Games
  • 2010- Major Debt Crisis

Greek Gods and Goddesses

Many people in Greece believe that there are many gods and goddesses instead of one. They also believe that many of the gods had powers and gave the earth many thins.
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Greek Plays

During Shakespeare's time, people went to watch plays from when the sun rose and fell. Many actors who played had to yell because there were no microphones in that time. The first played were tragedy (sacrifices), comedy (death) and saytyr (mythical).