American Dream

If it ain't money i ain't talking.

The "American Dream" is having a nice car, house, and having a lot of money. living life to the fullest partying every time non-stop. living a happy life with no regrets.

Death of salesman

The play is about a family that always has drama. willy is the main character and is always worried about his job.

Young Goodman Brown

The story is about a man that walks into the forest and see's his wife and she has a pink ribbon that shows that its her. The story takes place in the !7th century.

Raisin in the sun

This story is about a family that struggles with money and barely get through day by day. In the beginning the father died and the family received 10,000 from insurance.

Scarlet letter

Its a about a girl name hester thats has a child and struggles to live. Hester wears a necklace that has a big A which means "abel" .

The Crucible

The story is about these girls that get caught dancing in the forest and are convicted of doing witch craft. The story shows what was going on throughout the salem witch trails.


Its about a love story of a guy name James Gatsby that's In Love with Daisy thats married to Tom Buchanan. Daisy left Gatsby when Gatsby left to war and now Gatsby is looking for Daisy to get her love back.
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