BHMS 7th Grade

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What's Happening in 7th Grade

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Welcome Back Mr. Dale!!

As you've heard, Mrs. Micklitsch has retired to spend time with her family after 20 years of teaching at Bluffton! We wish her well, but we are thrilled to welcome back Mr. Dale for 2nd semester. He'll be guiding students through Reading/Writing Workshop leading up to ISTEP and through the end of the year.

What did your teachers do over break? Contrary to popular opinion, we DO NOT live at school!

After School Lab Days - TUESDAYS until 4:15 p.m.

As a team, we've decided to begin having "lab" days for students to master difficult concepts, get caught up on work, get some extra attention, etc. We may send home invites with some students that show more of a need for additional work time with a mentor, but we'll be leaving the invitation open for any student that would like to attend! Remember students, IT'S YOUR EDUCATION!! What will you do with it?

Rumor has it that Mrs. Paul said she'd make some snacks available!!


Recently in Mr. Brooks awesome world of science we have been testing the minerals of the earth from Fools Gold to Rock Salt! We will be beginning our adventures in soil and dirt formation soon. We will be making rivers with stream tables and studying the properties of erosion!


This month in math, students will be taking their second diagnostic iReady test. This will help us to see what areas the students are doing well in and which ones we need to focus on more. It will also show how each student is developing in their content knowledge.

  • Pre-Algebra students will start learning how to find sales tax, discount, and simple interest.
For example: Elizabeth has $580 in a savings account that pays 3% simple interest. How much interest will she earn in 6 months? How much in 5 years?
  • Math 7 will be learning ratios, rates, and proportions. We will then apply this knowledge to scale models and drawings. For example: If a scale drawing of a tennis court is 10 cm by 5.5 cm, with a scale of 1 cm = 2 m, what is the area of the actual tennis court?

Reading Writing Workshop

Over the next few weeks we will be beginning to talk about how to write an argumentative paper. We will begin next week by talking about introductions, how to write them, etc. The point of this is to break up writing a paper one part at a time, to better prepare students for the writing portion of ISTEP.

Social Studies

This month, the 7th grade world changers have been learning about ancient and modern India. We've covered the caste system, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.; and we'll be embarking on our study of British Colonialism and Gandhi in the coming weeks.

Following India, students will be journeying with Marco Polo and Genghis Khan through Central Asia along the Silk Road.

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