Dont Do Drugs!

Crack Can Kill

Every eleven seconds a child dies of their first drug abuse.


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You need to help them and JUST SAY NO, encourage them to do the same. most children cant look back, because once the joint or needle reaches your skin there's no going back. some people say that marijuana should be legal they also say that it is completely safe, these statements are completely incorrect.

"at least for adolescents, marijuana is harmful to the brain,"

Dr. Nora Volkow says. "no matter what you are taking or the way your taking it drugs will reach the brain and WILL kill you." Drugs are one of the most dangerous things in the world and most people DIE on their first try. If you weren't to die you would live a SAD life and you WILL become ADDICTED. To think of how SAD your mother and father would be if you DIED on something stupid like methamphetamine, or you lived a terrible life because it was RUINED by steroids.

Even drugs like hallucinogens can kill you. These drugs will take OVER your body and RUIN your life. Mentally and physically.
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Look at all you can do without drugs!


These drugs can kill you in an instant. They make you go faster and are the opposite of depressants. Drugs like ecstasy have side affect's that hurt and once they ruin your life you don't even remember what happened.


These drugs, like alcohol, will slow you down. It slows down all of your organs, these drugs are often known as "downers" and if they don't kill you they slow down all your thinking


These drugs will almost never kill you as soon as you take them instead they optionally MURDER you and take over your mind. If they don't murder you they will murder someone else using your body which will result in the death penalty or jail.


These drugs are not illegal because they are found all over your house. The normal house hold contains about 20 minimum bottles of bleached cleaner that will kill you when you breath it in.