The Maycomb Journal

December 10, 1933

Atticus Finch, friend or foe?

Atticus Finch, a well know member of our close knit community recently took a case regarding a black man. Members of the community are bewildered by this news, so we all must ask ourselves friend or foe?

Atticus Finch father of 2 believes he can win this case, regardless of the fact that he is defending a black man. Will this rash action build peace and harmony between the races or completely change the way we live? A well loved member of our community Jill Roth says "Atticus don't know what he's doing, he ain't in the right mind! He is a traitor and a un trustable man!"

Atticus a very determined, wise, and reasonable man making a huge mistake? Or a major leap for society?

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Fire in Maycomb

A fire recently broke out at Mrs. Maudie's home early in the morning. Friends from the neighbourhood gather and watch as they helplessly watch the flames take away what was once a beautiful home with a beautiful garden.
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Edwin Armstrong

Edwin Armstrong, and American electrical engineer and inventor introduces frequency modulation, a static-free method of transmission. Edwin Howard Armstrong has been called "the most prolific and influential inventor"

Upcoming Films!

Be sure to stay tuned for movies coming our way! Upcoming films include: King Kong, Little Women, the invisible man, and Alice in Wonderland!

Leroy & Lily's Theatre!

Bring your family to Maycomb's neighbourhood theatre this weekend, seats are only 15 cents! So bring the whole family and enjoy the movies Maycomb has to offer!
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