Beautiful Feet

My Journey to the Berbers of North Africa

Which language do I speak anyway?

The more French I learn, the worse my English and Spanish get! People tell me this is a good sign.

Twice recently when telling stories and asked what language the speaker was using, I couldn't remember if it was French or English. All I know is I understood!

Proof I'm Still Learning

This past Sunday I learned that for weeks I have been calling the children I teach "my boyfriends" instead of "my little friends."

The other day a fellow student tried asking "do you have cheese" over and over to an increasingly angry store employee. Only after that employee left her and sent over an English speaker did she realize she had been saying very clearly "you are cheese!"

Last week I was trying to say "get on the bus" to my professor and instead said "I am carrying manure."

Idioms are the Best

"Let's go back to our sheep." = "Let's get back to the point."

"I have a cockroach." = "I'm sad."

"I am inside of a cockroach." = "I am really depressed."

A Vacancy

When I moved to France, I noticed a blank spot in my lifting life. I couldn't figure out what it was right away, but I recently discovered it is where a constant lift used to live - a lift that has since been answered!

For years I have been lifting to Him to send me overseas. Lifting over each training, each application, each supporter, every dollar, each new timeline.

Now I live overseas!

It's not that I don't lift for each one of you, for my sending base, for my acquisition of French, and for my team. It's just that a palpable ache and groaning that used to live inside of me and constantly be sent up to Him via the HS has found relief.

What a huge thanks! He answers so many things every moment of every day, but being sent is the only thing I have ever lifted for this long and hard.

Hopefully this can give you some encouragement if you've been lifting over something for so so long and resonate with the idea of a deep ache inside of you. JC does hear you, and if your desire is in line with His heart, He will be your Good Provider.


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