Expresses ideas in theater, film, and television

Consumer Education period 3

Career Details

Actors act ideas and interpret a writer's scripts. They act anywhere whether it is in a Theater, Film, and/or Television.


The duties of an actor is to perform and audition in front of directors and producers. They also have to memorize the script lines and act with other actors. Actors discuss ideas and the overall performance to fix anything they happen to miss or do wrong.

Average Hours/Working Schedules: Most of the actors work full time which is about 40 hours a week. Other actors have working schedules because they have other things to do. Those that have working schedules work Evenings, Weekends, and Holidays.

Working Locations: There is no specific place for actors to act all the time they act any where for example they can act in a theater, or they can perform in a studio it doesn't matter if there is bad weather the play must go on.

Salary/Wage potential: The hourly wage of an actor is $17.44. Although half of the workers earn more than others. Workers who earn more usually earn about $64.04 and the ones who work less earn about $8.58 maybe even less.

What you need to become an Actor...

Education: To be an actor you need some education and that education is just some college but no degree is necessary. Also, most students that want to become actors take acting classes in college. Usually community colleges are the ones that offer private conservatories, and private film schools.

Skills Required: Actors need to have creativity so they can make the play look real and entertain the audience. Memorization skills is another important thing because people who want to become actors must be able to memorize the lines before any show starts. Persistence is another thing an actor needs because they must be able take rejection and keep going. Another important thing is to have Physical Stamina they need this so they can stand the heat in the stage and/or the studio lights. Also be able to stand the weight of the costumes that are heavy. Actors also need reading and speaking skills. The reason on why they need reading skills is so that they can be able to read the script and interpret how the writer has described the character. Speaking skills are also necessary because they will have to talk loud, say the lines correctly, and pronounce words right so the audience can understand what is happening in the shows/play.

Job Outlook/Growth: Jobs for actor tend to grow about 4 percent from 2010 to 2020. Although some job is not expected to keep up with the demand.

Advancement Opportunities/Related Jobs: Some jobs that are similar to Actors are Dancers and Choreographers, High School teachers, Musicians and Singers and much more. The reason why these are related is because dancers and choreographers also use movements to express the ideas. High School teachers is part of this as well because teachers help students get prepared for college so they can enter in the job area. Last but not least another example is musicians and singers because people who are musicians or singers perform anywhere just like actors do.