Mrs. Green's Class Newsletter

Room 203

What's New?

Happy Pi Day! (tomorrow) Did you know it is the day of the century?? On 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 it will mark the first ten numbers of Pi. Fun, huh?

Next week, we are starting our Human Growth and Development Unit. The boys and girls will be learning the same material and will be separated during the lessons. On Friday, the Robert Crown Center for Health will be coming to Greenbriar for a presentation called, "Life Begins". The students will be all together for this "field trip".

Our Learning:


This week in Math, the students learned how to make and interpret double bar graphs. They also had some fun celebrating Pi Day and graphing a skyline based on Pi.


This week in Reader's Workshop, the students learned about Book Club etiquette. We watched a video of students participating in a class book club, wrote what they saw and heard, and discussed respectful behavior. They picked a book and we had our first discussion today. Ask you child what book s/he is reading and grab a copy for yourself. You can help carry on the conversation at home.


In Writer's Workshop this week the students finished their Op-Eds. They had some very strong opinions! We also began a creative writing piece about leprechauns! Some chose to write a story about "How to Catch a Leprechaun" while others chose to write about "If I Caught a Leprechaun...". On Friday, we enjoyed sharing some samples of our writings with the class.


This week in Science, the students learned about the Circulatory System. They watched a movie, visited websites, and completed activities about this system.

In Science Lab, the students participated in an experiment to determine the surface area of their largest organ, the skin. They used a measuring tape and their math skills to estimate their skin's surface area and made a paper model to display their results.

They also learned about genetics, genes, and traits by using a Punnett Square to show possible combinations of the cross between the genes of two organisms. They took turns presenting their findings.

Ask Your Child About:

* Musical Rehearsals

* Pi Day
* Leprechaun Writing

* Book Clubs

* Extra Recess!

Dates to Remember:

  • Monday, March 16th
  • GB PTO Meeting (8:45)

  • Tuesday, March 17th

  • Tuesday, March 17th - Thursday, March 19th
  • Human Growth and Development Unit

  • Tuesday, March 17th
  • School Board Meeting (7:00)

  • Friday, March 20th
  • Robert Crown at Greenbriar