Workers should not be paid more

Fast food workers should be happy with what they get

Fast food worker pay

If any fast food restaurant raises the workers pay they would have to raise the price of the product which leads to going out of business. By paying these workers more, the customers would not like the higher prices of that product so the would go to different fast food restaurants besides the one that is paying workers more and is increasing the product price. They should be happy for what they get.

Robots instead of workers

Restaurants can easily just buy robotic machines that can flip the burgers and do other things.Stores can replace real people with different types of machines. You should be happy that the company has not replaced you and still gives you money.

The problem

-Workers wanting a higher pay

-Employees striking/rioting

Personal Responsibility - Fast Food Workers' Strike


Because of all this rioting and striking don't you think that it would affect your job. wouldn't you want some money then NO money. The more money you want the more it affects someone else, You could be the reason someone gets fired.

What We Think

We think that the stores paying the employees minimum wage is the right thing to do.It is more efficient and gets the store more profit then it would if they paid the workers more then minimum wage.