Navigating the New World

Balancing Emotions, Work & Play

YOUR TIME is NOW. FLOW with Ease and Grace.

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AMPLIFY your most BEAUTIFUL Inner Self with Ancient & Contemporary Tools of Mastery

ENJOY an atmosphere of Creative Possibility and Breathe in Your Future Successes.
INTEGRATE your Past with the Now to JUICE your FUTURE !
REMEMBER and APPRECIATE All of yourself as a Divine Gift to the Universe.
INFUSE yourself with the Colors of the Universe and gain Deep Insights into your Core.

Time to Heal yourself, Love yourself, and TRANSFORM INTO YOUR BEST SELF !

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Increased AWARENESS of your Natural INTUITION
Breath Work to Cleanse and Oxygenate the Brain and Body
Nutritional Super Foods to be a Brain Warrior
Healing your body with the PEACE PROCESS.....and much More !

REGISTRATION is NOW. Six week class begins Tues. Nov. 3 - 6:00 - 8:00 pm. Only $297.
Contact : Cal-Ling or 530-354-4339 or FB - Cal Ling Ling
SURPRISE BONUS if you sign up by Sat. OCT for more info. Namaste