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Hello everyone!

Just a reminder of the social and emotional tips and resources sent to you monthly in this flyer. Not that I ever stick to my resolutions for the new year, but here's some to try with your kids along with a couple of video clips on motivation and positive self-talk to "get things moving along" in the new year. If you want to go back to previous flyers, they are all attached below.

Each month of the school year, parents will receive helpful tips, strategies, activities and resources to support children at home. Family and school can work together to improve children's social emotional learning skills. These skills lead to school and life success. The flyer is an easy read on smartphones and tablets. When parents are engaged and teachers supported, kids are better able to learn. All the very best to everyone in 2015.

Linda Campbell

school counsellor

if you need help call the crisis center

250-563-1214 (Within Prince George) 1-888-562-1214 (Northern BC)

to find parent support services

if you want to peek at previous flyers, please click on any below

linda campbell, we@sel

school counsellor

student support services 57

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