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Candy House Party Today at 1:15

I hope to see many of you join your child in a Hoseyland tradition. My annual Candy House Party is my favorite day of the year next to 5th Grade Awards in May. Thanks to everyone who sent in materials for our houses and yummy snacks for our tummies.

Holiday Break Activities

Yesterday your child should have brought home a reading log, a Power My Learning log, math vocabulary cards, and a multiplication activity (No calculators). We went over these in class. If your child can not explain what he or she is to do, feel free to email me. (Prizes will be given to children who complete the work.)

After Break

After Break we will do a very brief overview of the 13 Colonies, then we will learn about the American Revolution by reading historical fiction. In math we will work with fractions. (A Topic Seven math page will appear on our website over Break.) In Science we will continue with Properties of Matter. In writing we will work on the proper use of apostrophes and commas.