Level Up! 11 Things on a Jeepney

A Technology Professional Development Program

Join Us on a Technology Professional Development Odyssey...

Why you might consider getting on the Jeepney:

  • You're considered a tech leader in your department/grade level and want to continue to expand your repertoire
  • You use some technology in your professional/personal life but would like to integrate even more
  • You are uncomfortable with technology and would like to gain more experience
11 Things on a Jeepney FINAL

The Purpose of the Program

The purpose of the program is to enhance your technology toolkit by providing you with the opportunity to dive in and gain experience with a variety of different web tools. Regardless where you're starting from, Level Up! With 11 Things on Jeepney will allow you to extend and diversify your current set of technology skills.

No Class Times! No Meetings! For Real!

Teachers, Counselors, TAs, and EAs Welcome

You can earn a *SUNY credit* and another (mystery) prize if you finish!