Start Lesson 13 ^o^ --Last Lesson!

げつようび (Monday)- May 2, 2016

Today's Important Info:


I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! ^o^ WE START Lesson 13 TODAY. Title of L13: デートをしませんか。

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Here's the link to the Calendar for this class again:

  • Please submit all assignments for LESSON 8 through Lesson 12 ASAP if you haven't already done so. Your missing assignments will result and stay a 0% if you do not turn them in. o_O

Make sure you have completed all of lessons 8 through 12 before moving on to lesson 13.

This is your last lesson for Japanese 1! Nice work everyone!! Continue to do your best! Remember that you have your EOC Project that is due next week, and a final exam due. May 20th is the last day for this course! You can do it!

Lesson 13 Assignments:

  • L13 Writing Hiragana & Katakana
    • We have now learned all the Hiragana and Katakana characters! ^_^
    • This worksheet will cover all the characters that you have learned.
    • Please be sure to review your Hiragana and Katakana DAILY by using the Quizlets.
    • When doing this worksheet make sure that you complete the worksheet correctly.
    • Remember that if the word is foreign then it should be written in Katakana. (double vowels are written with the "-")
  • L13 Cultural Discussion
  • L13 Speaking
  • L13 Quiz



  • May 10th=Your EOC Project Part 1 is DUE
  • May 12th=Your EOC Project Part 2 & 3 is DUE
Click HERE for Hiragana and Katakana Quizlet ^o^

Here's a Quizlet for all the Hiragana and Katakana characters. \^o^/

Click here for ALL the info for Coaching sessions

Click this link to find troubleshoots for coaching, learn different ways to attend. Learn how to attend using a phone! ^o^ If you're having trouble >.< with attending coaching, here are some info to help you. ^.^