The ok race

By Daniel Garcia

The beginning

You will start in San Antonio and have to travel 160.8 miles to Morelos Coahuila, Mexico to get your first clue.

Morelos Coahuila ,Mexico

You arrive to a sunny,hot, and dry place known as Mexico.There are many plants,plains, and rivers there.Most of the men where sombreros and have mustaches, and the women where dresses and most peoples hair are black and speak Spanish.Here in Morelos Coahuila ,Mexico you must ride an animal from Mexico, THE DONKEY!While riding the donkey you must eat a total of 20 chiles and receive a clue.You must now travel 6559.4 miles to get to your next destination.

Tokyo, Japan

You arrive in Tokyo,Japan where it is windy, and moist.There are many mountains and plains in Japan.The people all speak Japanese and mostly have black hair.While in Japan you must climb a mountain using chopsticks representing the odd challenges Japanese people do.When you get to the top of the mountain you will then receive your next clue.Now you should travel 6126.65 miles to get to the next place.

Paris, France

Your next destination will be in Paris, France.In Paris it is moist,and about normal like in other places.There are rivers,lakes, and plains inFrance.People speak French and dogs have more privallidges than in other places.In Paris a world atraction is the Eiffel Tower,you will have to build a small replica of it using Popsicle sticks.When you are done you will receive your next clue.Which is to travel 9348.95 miles to the next area.

Ghan, Australia

In Ghan it is very hot, and very dry.There are mountains,rivers,ovens,and lakes in Australia.The people living there speak Australian and can vary in looks.While in Ghan you must fight a famous animal in Australia.THE KANGAROO!You will go toe to toe in a boxing match for 3 rounds to see who would win in a fight.If you win you will receive your next clue.You next clue is to travel 8642.48 miles to the next location.

Yashi, Nigeria

You have arrived in Yashi where it is hot,dry, and mostly sunny.In Nigeria there are many mountains, and deserts.There are many African languages in Africa that the people speak and there hair color is mostly black.While in Yashi you must race against a cheetah while you are in a car for 2 miles to see who can get to the goal first.When you win and get to the finish you will have to go back to Dallas in a 6772.26 mile trip.

The End

When you arrive in Dallas the winner will receive $1,000,000.Leading the Ok Race to a close.