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Mid-December 2014 News

Word from the Director

Truly, it took time (7 years) and relationships (hundreds!) and suffering (real) and miracles (many!) to see the wide embrace of the church, the marketplace and the social sector necessary to host the Luis Palau Sacramento Festival in June of 2012. What would happen after the festival as the Luis Palau Association (LPA) moved on to their next city? Would it be “back to normal”?

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If you are reading this, you are the ACTS Group.

Jeff Kreiser, Executive Director

Financial Update: YOU Can Make a Difference with ACTS

Do you remember the end of It’s a Wonderful Life? Everyone in town gives what they can in order to ensure the existence and flourishing of the “Bailey Building and Loan” – a little organization making a big impact in the lives of Bedford Falls.

This month, I am asking every person who has been part of the ACTS story to participate financially, according to your means. We ask you to prayerfully sow into this important work in the coming weeks. Our funding need is real and our mission is fruitful. We do not want to limp into 2015, but sprint. Everyone giving something can mean everything to the flourishing of the ACTS Group in the new year.

Giving to ACTS Group can happen anytime online at – just click on the bar below.

If supporting by check, you can mail the check - made out to WJU / ACTS - to:

The ACTS Group 333 Sunset Ave. / Rocklin, CA 95765.

If you have any question or need to learn more, Merisa Moy, our finance and development officer, would be glad to hear from you and can be reached

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Your donation makes a difference! Thank you for your support. We take your gifts seriously, and we make every effort to maximize your investment in our organization.

Every School, Every Neighborhood: Launching Jan. 29, 2015

“Every School/Every Neighborhood” is a three year regional initiative launching in January 2015 with this objective: Every public school having one or more committed church partners, and these church partners engaging the neighborhoods surrounding the school with the gospel. The partnership is a three year initial and then renewable commitment by the church to the school and the neighborhoods identified with that school.

Initiative Goals by 2017:

· Every school with one or more church partners to serve the needs of students

· Every neighborhood in the school’s footprint engaged by the church partners with the gospel

· Every community with a Pastors Fellowship and a Leader Circle for collective impact

· Every church with representatives involved in weekly gospel advancing prayer groups

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Uniting people to pray in the communities of the Greater Sacramento Region.

SacramentoPRAYS was formed out of the prayer group that came together to support and pray for the 2012 Luis Palau Sacramento Festival. The express purpose of forming SacramentoPRAYS was to continue to unify, strengthen, and encourage believers to pray in and for the Sacramento Region. Since that time, SacramentoPRAYS has continued to identify and bring together existing prayer ministries, and has developed three key elements to sustain and grow prayer relationships and activity.

Interested in learning more about the prayer initiatives in your area? Check out the SacramentoPRAYS website by clicking on the link below. On the website you will find prayer centered blogs, resources, events and more!

ACTS Group Endorsement

Enoch Yeung, New Hope Community Development Corporation, Sacramento

“While the work of collaboration can be long and arduous, that work cannot begin without some seed of trust amongst partners and a faith that God can accomplish His will through us by collectively working together. Since my relationship began with ACTS, I have experienced open doors to begin the process of partnership with local churches that would have taken years to establish on my own. The ACTS Group has helped to lay the ground work of trust necessary for the essential work expanding God’s kingdom throughout the region. Case in point, ACTS Group was key in facilitating a partnership between New Hope and First Baptist Church of Sacramento which enabled us to start a Mandarin Immersion Summer program serving 40 families in the downtown area for the past two years. There is still a great deal of work to be done in the region, and I am enthusiastically supportive of the role the ACTS Group is playing to take a leadership role in facilitating regional cooperation amongst churches, non-profits, and various partners of good will to express God’s love for this region.”

About Us

The ACTS Group is…

Unified, gospel-based leaders working for transformation in the diverse communities of the Sacramento region. These leaders provide ongoing leadership and encouragement for gospel movement in communities as well as in the spheres of cultural influence of the city.