Our Sprouts

Joanie and I are in trouble in the future

We're pretty lucky.....

Our kids for the most part are phenominal....for the most part. I never knew having kids would be so challenging, not the act but the aftermath called life and child rearing.
The crude brewed is all ours. If some one 20 years ago told me that I would have not only brought these 3 beutiful children onto the earth I would have laughed or cried. My children bring me joy, pain, elation, sadness, pride, embarasment, laughter, tears, angst, happiness,frustration, ease, hope, despare, salvation and hope. I learn so much while teaching them yet I feel so uneducated in this most important job called parenting. Evey day is a learned experience to help me cope with my life with them and through them. You are neve emotionally empty with children because all their feelings are yours. When they are sad you cry, when they win you do, when they don't you don't, when they laugh you fly, when they hurt you die, when they feel safe yu feel successful, when they do good unprompted you feel fulfilled, when they do bad you feel failure, when they love yu only hope they learned it from you. There is not a more difficult job in this world nor is there one more important. There are not enough good humans on this planet these days we can only hope that we contribute to throwing this trend off its current path if only till it is their turn to be the teachers of their own little brewed.........

They will follow in your footsteps so lead them down the right path

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To my sprouts I love you, your dad