Mayfield Messenger

Week 3 Edition of the Mayfield Messenger

Message from Dr. Frischkorn

Good Evening Mayfield Intermediate School students and families!

Thursday evening was a fantastic time to be part of the Manassas City Public Schools community. Thursday night, before the kick-off of the Osbourn Eagles 1st football game, the city came together for the ribbon cutting of the new athletic fields. School board members, city council members, school staff from all nine schools, and our fantastic community show support for our #OneOsbourn. Thanks to the support of stakeholders, students will continue to benefit.

A great way to continue to support our students and our community is to support the extra-curricular activities that our students participate in at Metz and Osbourn High School. This past week we had several students from 6th grade try out for Metz Middle School sports. This is an excellent way for students to connect with the community and become invested in the schools. We are fortunate that many of our Mayfield teachers are also coaches and sponsors of activities at Metz and Osbourn. Here is a list of our fantastic staff that put in the extra hours to support #OneOsbourn and Metz by coaching and sponsoring clubs.

  • Mrs. Cough- Cheerleading Coach
  • Mrs. Cockrill- Cheerleading Coach
  • Ms. Innamorato- Field Hockey Coach
  • Mrs. Vaihinger- Field Hockey Coach
  • Ms. Torres-Gonzalez- Field Hockey Coach
  • Mrs. Preidis- Science Olympiad
  • Mr. Krizmanich- Basketball
  • Mr. Calandra- Soccer Coach
  • Mr. DeEmilio- Soccer Coach

Always Learning,

Dr. Donald Frischkorn





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Back-to-School Night at Mayfield Intermediate

Tuesday, Sep. 6th, 5-7pm

9400 Mayfield Court

Manassas, VA

Mayfield Intermediate School will host a Back-to-School Night on Tuesday, September 6th. At the Back-to-School Night event, you will experience some of the learning activities your child participates in throughout the school day. We will also assist parents in setting up their Parent Portal accounts so they can monitor their child's academic performance throughout the school year.

Create you Parent Portal Account

Monitoring your child's academic growth throughout the year is a huge part of supporting your child during the school year. Each child's development depends on the school and the home working together to support and enrich each child's education. Take a moment to sign up for a Parent Portal account to begin checking in on how your child is doing academically.

Creating Your Parent Portal Account

  1. Go to this URL:
  2. Click on Create Account.
  3. Click on Create Account again.
  4. Enter your information (first name, last name, email, desired username, and password). Please note the password must be at least six (6) characters long.
  5. In the Link Students to Account section, enter your child’s name, access ID, and access password (included on the letter mailed home). Identify your relationship with the child. Repeat this step if you have additional children attending MCPS. You can link up to seven different accounts.
  6. When you are finished, click Enter.
  7. After you click Enter, you will be brought to the Student and Parent Sign In page, where you can access your Parent Portal Account.
  8. If you forget your username or password, click the forgot username or password option at the bottom of the sign-in screen. Enter your username and email address that was used to establish the account, and you will receive an email allowing you to reset your password.

Parent Portal Dashboard

The Parent Portal has a blue header running across the upper portion of the screen. If a parent has more than one child linked to his/her account, the parent can view different children by clicking on each student's name. On the left side of the screen is the main navigation menu and each option is defined below:

  • Grades/Attendance: Displays grades and attendance.
  • Grade History: Shows a summary of grades for each year the student has been enrolled.
  • Attendance History: Provides an attendance report for the current term.
  • E-mail Notification: Allows parents to select options for email alerts.
  • Teacher Comments: Displays the selected terms, teacher comments, by class.
  • School Bulletin: Displays an daily announcement the school may have posted for parents.
  • Class Registration: Allows parents to view student's course requests for the upcoming year if the school uses online course registration.
  • My Schedule: Provides a view of a student’s current schedule.
  • School Information: Provides contact information for the school that a student attends.
  • Account Preferences: Allows parents to change their login credentials or add additional students to their account.
  • Returning Student Registration: Provides parents the opportunity to update their address, phone numbers, email address, emergency contacts, etc. This is only available during the months of August and September.

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Students began their music selection process today during their music encore. Students will continue to select their music class throughout the following week. By Thursday, September 1st, all students will begin participating in their music class chosen during their music encore rotation. The three choices for students are as follows:

  • Chorus
  • Orchestra
  • Band

A-Day, B-Day, C-Day, D-Day Encore Rotation

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Student Code of Conduct

Students at Mayfield Intermediate follow the same Student Code of Conduct that ALL students in Manassas City Public Schools follow. Students and parents must read and review the Student Code of Conduct Regularly. We keep the Student Code of Conduct attached as a file at the bottom of every Mayfield Messenger that we send.