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Take the bus up Knox mountain road until you get to Paul's tomb and go to the crown lookout to look at the great view . The places you can see are made of are made of a giant lake that froze then then melted slowly and went shouwler until it got to where it is now . Then there was a bunch of volcanic eruptions.

Across from Gorman's Mill

To get up to Gorman's Mill you have to cross the bridge pass Mt.boucherie and drive up beside the mill and look at all rocks and fossils. It was formed millions of years ago because of the explosion of Mt. Boucherie .You can see all of the fossils of trees and oils. The rock are very beautiful.

Mt. Boucherie

To get to Mt. Boucherie you have to cross the bridge and turn to a park. Climb up the mountain until you see a lot of rocks with little air bubbles they are called extrusive Igneous rock . Mount Boucherie is so much smaller than is used to be because it has exploded because there was a few eruptions witch happened a million years ago.

Layer cake moutains

To get to layer cake mountain you have to go up near tussles and you can tell where the mountain is because you can see the beautiful layers . You can see the different layers because that's where the magma hardened. the mountain is slightly slanted in one way because of the way it formed

the quarry

you have to go up by layer cake but not as far down and turn down a dirty road until you get to a bridge stop right after there before you turn up. there will be a rock quarry there that's where you will see rock that could be 2 billion years old! that rock is called metamorphic rock is formed about 7 to 10 kilometers under the surface. all of that rock you see was formed because of mega and lava cooling
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