The Wild Fire's Of Death



1. Costs billions of dollars

60,000-80,000 In U.S. a year

2. There are a bunch of negative affects like-

kills plants and animals. It also destroys habitats.

3. It mainly occurs in the western region of the U.S. and in dry forests and grasslands

4. Animals, Plants, and some humans are mainly effected

5. Animals are effected by their homes and food gets destroyed

6. This issue has a very little chance of effecting League City because we don't have big dry forests

7. People are effected by this issue because they live in the general vicinity of the fires

8. Lightning, Volcanic eruptions, cigarettes, and unwatched camp sites can cause this disaster

9. A new product called Firesafe can protect the perimeters along with the methods we already use like water, rain, and controlled burns

10. Have more controlled burns can help stop this