"Open the Door of Faith"

Cathechetical Sunday 2013

This year's theme for Catechetical Sunday is "Open the Door of Faith". I found this to be a most appropriate theme for Youth Ministers and Catechist since this is what we, as believers in Jesus Christ, are literally charged to do - "Open the Door of Faith" for our Youth. Faith is a beautiful door, with life changing gifts stored behind it. However, most people, especially our youth, need that door opened for them. They need someone who has not only looked behind the door, but who has in fact entangled their hearts with the contents residing behind the Door of Faith. Faith is Beautiful! Faith is Empowering! Faith is Peace in a world that desperately needs it. Behind this Door of Faith is the most precious Gift of Love, as expressed through and in the Life of Jesus Christ.

I believe that every Youth Minister and Catechist should view themselves as sacred key holders to this Door. The Door that we open and the explanation of the Gifts behind the Door of Faith that we give to our youth just may be the bridge that connects them to possessing the key to the Door of Faith for someone else. I charge all to “Open the Door of Faith” for someone else who has yet to discover the beautiful treasures resting there. It is our duty to God to "Open the Door of Faith"...leading to the promises and blessings He has waiting for us.

Sunday Youth Ministry Worship Service @ Most Blessed Sacrament

Join us every Sunday @ MBSC (Most Blessed Sacrament Church) Youth Ministry in the Ministry & Education Center Building on the MBSC Campus. All middle & high school students are welcomed to join us for a fun, engaging, and Christ-filled experience each Sunday morning on the MBSC Campus.

(Youth Ministry service will begin at 10:15am and end at 11:15am, prior to the 11:30 Mass.)