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Cultural Geography


The groups that were involved were the United States, the Guerillas, the Guatemalan Government, the peasants and workers, and the Army and Wealthy. In the beginning it seemed that the Guerillas and the Army and Wealthy were the most powerful and had the most MSU's but towards the end it seemed that the Guatemalan government and the peasants and workers ended up with all of the power and the Guerillas and the Army and Wealthy had lost all their power and all their MSU's by the end.


In the beginning the army and wealthy and the Guerillas had the most MSU's and the peasants and workers had none and then by the end the peasants and workers and the Guatemalan government had the most MSU's while the army and wealthy, Guerillas, and the United States ended up with none. The United States had given all their MSU's to the peasants and the US overall had more power even though they didn't have any MSU's by the end because they could invade the other groups and they are kind of the peace keeper of all the other groups. The US has more power than the other groups because they are not fighting any of the other groups. The peasants had a power too because they had the power of voting which gave them a voice.



My relationships

I have a lot of relationships with older people, which decreases the amount of conflict I have. I also don't have a huge group of friends so my conflict level is substantially lower than most people's are because there's no one to start pointless arguments and such with. Sometimes my family has conflicts with other family members, and they stop talking or they get into huge arguments. Sometimes there's conflict between me and my parents, and we fight and often end on a bad note. Sometimes I cooperate with my parents in order to get some of the things I want or need. Sometimes I try to bribe them to get what I need, but sometimes that ends in conflict as well.

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April 3, 2014