Wildcat Weekly

Week of August 21, 2017


The BIG FOUR: Targets for 2017-2018

  • Instructional Technology- New ITLT(Instructional Technology Leadership Team) has been established to better serve teachers with relevant PD opportunities and prepare for our launch of the 1:1 Chromebook roll-out.

  • Personalized Learning - slated as a 1:1 school in 2018

  • Progress Monitoring- New benchmark tool TE-21 to be used by the district, graduation rate monitoring, individualized student monitoring for progression

  • Making Connections- Link Crew beginning this year with the 10th-12th graders mentoring our 9th graders and Wildcat Connections is our weekly advisory session to help build relationships.


We have a General Session in the MC at 8:30 Monday morning. Please reference the agenda for plans.

Day 1 Plans and Schedule

Happy 1st Day of School!!! Choose the link below for Tuesday's plan and schedule. We will be in HR in the morning and in the afternoon. You will see each class approximately 30 minutes with a standard 4th period. There are designated tasks for HR and for 4th period.

2nd Day Wildcat Connections Plans

We will have our first Wildcat Connections schedule and class on Wednesday. This is your homeroom class. They will report at the designated time on the schedule. The link below will take you to the plans for the Connections class.


Textbooks will be distributed beginning on Thursday.



August 21-

  • Weekly Planner before the end of the first planning period
  • Emergency Videos
  • PD Videos
  • Emergency Lesson Plans
  • Handbook Disclaimer Form Completed

August 22-

  • SmartFind Tutorial, Set-Up, and Verification
  • Schedule Posted on Door
  • Website Set-Up


August 22- First Day of School for Students- (Schedule Button Above)

August 23- Wildcat Connections Schedule

August 23-Operations Meeting 4:00 in the Media Center

August 24- English, Math, and Science textbook check-out

August 24- Grad Rate Committee Meeting 7:45am

August 25- SS, Foreign Language, Fine Arts, and CATE textbook check-out

Coming Up:

August 28- Gradebook Set-Up During Planning

August 28- Senior Meetings 1st-7th(Seniors with no English report during 4th period)

August 30-Show 9th grade video to your 4th period course

August 30- Safety Drill 1st period

August 31- Class Meetings with 10th and 11th Grade (8:55 10th, 9:55 11th)

September 1- Pep Rally

September 1- Morning Activity Schedule

District News:

District Dates:

Monday, August 21 Professional Development Work Day—Schools-Workday

Tuesday, August 22 First Day of School 4K-12

Monday, September 4 Labor Day Holiday (12-Month Employee Holiday)


Sign-In: Employee number Password: unitedway2017 Donations of 144 and up will get jeans every Friday for the first semester

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