A newspaper from ancient mesopotamia

Agricultural Update

Irrigation is new here to us because we found a way to store our water. We also found a way to not have war and fight just for land. Hopefully this new way of Irrigation will help us survive and get more water. We are getting food from the Phoenicians. They did not have enough land for agriculture but they harvested cedar wood from the Lebanon mountains.

Weather Report

Today in 350 B.C, Mesopotamia we are going to have a bad flood soon. We really need prepare for it. If we don't prepare for the flood then we probably would not survive. What we need to prepare for it is some crops and a shelter. The weather here has been very dry and rainy and we hope that soon that it will go away. We are not expecting rain for about 30 days so that we can plant crops and build a shelter.

Personal Interview

Alexa is in a interview with C.L. what is your age?C.L's age is 26. what is your job?Her job is to hunt,protecting family, collecting wood and food. Her family is few brothers, few sisters, mother, and step father. Her skills are to build shelters,hunt,and to help out.
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flooding in mespotima

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