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Nationwide Contracting Specializes in Fire Restoration

Nationwide Contracting

Among the many services that Nationwide Contracting provides is a specialization in fire restoration. A fire in your home or place of business is something nobody wants to face, but it’s good to know that you have someone to call in such an unfortunate condition. Nationwide Contracting will dispatch several experienced restoration contractors to help restore your home the right way. In addition to post-fire restoration, Nationwide Contracting also helps to reduce dangers and prevent secondary water damage.

Fire Damage Repairs Completed by Nationwide Contracting

Contracting companies are contacted by homeowners for any number of reasons. Some people hire contractors to remodel a room, some look to add on to a house or garage, and sometimes contractors are needed to repair damage caused by any number of things. Damage to a home can be caused by a number of factors but natural disasters and weather related damage is surprisingly frequent.

Nationwide Contracting is a general contracting company with a specialization in fire damage. When a client has experienced fire damage to their home, they need a reliable contractor to turn to. Nationwide Contracting wants to be that reliable source for house fire repairs.

Nationwide Contracting was founded by Joseph Armato. The company was founded on the values of hard work, fairness, and compassion. When homeowners need their home repaired after a fire, Nationwide Contracting tries to make the process easy by explaining the repair process, giving them an estimate for length of time, and assuaging any of their fears by answering any and all client questions.

As a fire restoration contractor, Nationwide Contracting ensures the careful and thorough restoration of fire damaged homes. The company employs multiple contractors specialized in multiple areas of fire damage. With varying skills, Nationwide Contracting works to reduce dangers related to a fire damaged home, prevents secondary water damage, and reconstructs a home that looks as though it was never ravaged by fire’s destructive touch.

Although Nationwide Contracting specializes in fire restoration, the company is not without other skills. Nationwide Contracting offers consultation services so clients can discuss their ideas and goals. Nationwide Contracting is prepared to help clients with a range of needs and wants. Big or small, Nationwide Contracting wants clients to know they are committed to quality work and the satisfaction of clients. The values and principles of the company are what makes Nationwide Contracting successful as a company.

Many Reasons to Trust Nationwide Contracting

Nationwide Contracting is among one of the top contract companies in its area of operation. The company was founded by Joseph Armato who has worked as a general contractor for twenty-five years along with his other professions as a licensed public adjuster and a licensed broker and real estate investor. With knowledge in multiple areas surround homes and home values, Nationwide Contracting’s owner makes the company one of the best sources for information and consultation services.

Nationwide Contracting is also the company to trust when looking for a reliable contractor. Nationwide Contracting has a stellar reputation for getting work done on time and budget. The company only employs reliable individuals who demonstrate a strong work ethic. A strong work ethic was one of the values Nationwide Contracting was founded on years ago.

As a contract company, Nationwide Contracting is one of the best resources for families traumatized by a house fire. There are many contractors who claim to be knowledgeable on fire damage restoration but Nationwide Contracting employs contractors skilled and knowledgeable on the multiple threats posed by fire damage. Because fire damage can be extensive and often there are post-fire dangers, contractors specialized in fire damage are required and Nationwide Contracting employs contractors with the varying skills necessary to ensure fire damaged homes are repaired properly.

Nationwide Contracting takes pride in a job well done. Many clients have expressed their gratitude and satisfaction with the company. Every time a client comes and thanks the contractors from the bottom of their heart, the company becomes more committed to helping others. Nationwide Contracting has a reputation for quality work and the protection and satisfaction of clients is the company’s highest priority. When looking to find a general contract company or a company that specializes in restoration after a home fire, look no further than Nationwide Contracting.

Founder of Nationwide Contracting Dedicated to Humanitarian Efforts

Nationwide Contracting was founded by a caring and compassionate man by the name of Joseph Armato. As a business owner, he founded his company on many of the values and principles he follows in his own life. Nationwide Contracting was founded on the values of fairness, equality, hard work, care, and compassion years ago. Since its founding, the values remain at the core of every one of Nationwide Contracting’s business services today.

As a business, Nationwide Contracting is committed to caring for clients and even employees. The company cares for both because it is clients that keep the business profitable and employees that are the lifeblood of the company. Nationwide Contracting’s founder has never underestimated the value of people and his abilities for improving the lives of others. Every day, Nationwide Contracting helps people by building dreams and restoring homes lost to fire damage. Through every day business, Nationwide Contracting improves the quality of life of its clients.

Equally important to Nationwide Contracting’s founder is caring for the less fortunate. The owner is a regular participant in humanitarian work and participates with a number of worthwhile charities. He believes every able-bodied person should share in the effort to improve the quality of life for others. As a company, Nationwide Contracting regularly has the opportunity to improve the quality of life for families by repairing homes and making them a safe and family friendly place to live.

Nationwide Contracting’s reputation is years in the making and for years has been one of the top contracting companies in its area of operation. For a company reputation means everything and survival often depends on people’s perceptions of a business. If there is one thing Nationwide Contracting hopes people see it would be the level of care and commitment Nationwide Contracting places on the satisfaction of their clients.

Joseph Armato Founded Nationwide Contracting to Make a Difference

Not every business is created equal. Even a small business with strong values can be corrupted into a money-mongering company as it grows. Maintaining the ethical values the company was founded on is important to Nationwide Contracting’s founder Joseph Armato. When Nationwide Contracting was founded, it was to ensure there would be one company dedicated and committed to the results expected and deserved by each client.

Nationwide Contracting has been in business for years. Since its founding, clients are repeatedly amazed with the amount of detail and personal attention they receive in addition to their home projects. Even families who are devastated with home fire damage have come away confident in the quality of their restored home. The confidence and satisfaction in Nationwide Contracting’s clientele demonstrate the company’s level of commitment to those they serve.

For many people, restoring or simply remodeling a home is a burden. In some cases, it can be overwhelmingly stressful. Fortunately, Nationwide Contracting takes the burden out of such projects so clients can enjoy projects instead of feeling frustrated by them. The reduction of stress and relief of worry makes a difference to Nationwide Contracting’s clients in addition to the confidence they feel throughout their projects process. This is because Nationwide Contract does an excellent job connecting with clients and keeping them informed throughout their construction process.

When some contract firms just want potential clients to sign an agreement that guarantees them work, Nationwide Contracting was founded so clients could understand what they were getting involved in. Through years of contract work, Nationwide Contracting’s founder found not every person understands the extent of work involved with remodeling or restoration. The consultation services provided by Nationwide Contracting ensures clients know what to expect so they won’t feel stressed about time, budget, or be bothered by other worries or fears.

Nationwide Contracting Made Strong by Joseph Armato

Joseph Armato is the owner and founder of Nationwide Contracting. The company, like its founder, is driven to lead by example. Throughout the years, both the founder and the company’s reputation have grown by exemplary work and a commitment to clients, employees, and society. Nationwide Contracting aims to remain one of the top contracting companies in its region.

Nationwide Contracting was founded and continues to operate under its guiding principles. The principles were designed by founder Joseph Armato and include equality, fairness, care, compassion, and a strong work ethic. Nationwide Contracting’s exceptional reputation has been years in the making by both the company and its founder. Indeed, the founder of Nationwide Contracting has been a general contractor for twenty-five years and despite working as a general contractor specializes in home fire restoration.

When clients look for a contracting firm, they don’t need to look much farther than Nationwide Contracting. The company is committed to quality work and the satisfaction of clients. While it may sound cliché, the company’s founder truly does care for clients. Nationwide Contracting’s founder performs a variety of humanitarian work and he takes caring for individuals seriously. His commitment to help people in need translates into a company with a strong focus on the client. It is this client focus that makes Nationwide Contracting a stellar contracting company.

Companies like Nationwide Contracting are far and few in between. The company stands by its values and is committed to quality results sure to satisfy clients. For all the years Nationwide Contracting has been in business, it has maintained a legendary reputation even with the Better Business Bureau. The success of Nationwide Contracting began with its conception. An idea of a compassionate man, Nationwide Contracting’s founder Joseph Armato made a strong business by placing ethical values and the forefront of every project undertaken by his company.

Nationwide Contracting Operates in Fairness, Equality, and Integrity

A business is a business and to be successful it needs to make money. However, not every company is built the same and not every company was founded to care for clients and take their worries and fears into consideration. When Nationwide Contracting was founded by Joseph Armato, it was founded on the values and principles that he holds himself to every day.

Nationwide Contracting was founded on the values of fairness, equality, integrity and even compassion. Equally important to the founder was an ethic for hard work and the drive to accomplish all work on time and on budget. For Nationwide Contracting, these principles have created a business unlike others. For years, Nationwide Contracting has led the way as a contracting and consulting company in New York.

A benefit for clients working with Nationwide Contracting is the owner and founder’s own diverse business background. Nationwide Contracting’s owner has twenty-five years experience as a general contractor but thirty years as a licensed public adjuster. For families working with insurance to repair damage to their home, this makes Nationwide Contracting the superb choice because its owner has history and knowledge working with claimant’s insurance claims.

Nationwide Contracting is a company aimed to please. The company wants all clients to be satisfied with the end result of their work and the company always wants employees to be happy and confident about their work as well. With happy employees and satisfied clients, the company has crafted a long lasting reputation for quality work and satisfied clients. Nationwide Contracting continues to operate successfully with its guiding principles. When in doubt, they are the cornerstone on which all decisions are made. Nationwide Contracting hopes to retain its exemplary reputation and help new and repeat clients with their construction and restoration needs. The company’s values remain the keys for success.

Nationwide Contracting Owner is Very Experienced

Nationwide Contracting is a contracting and consultation business with an excellent reputation for work and client relations. For years, clients have trusted Nationwide Contracting to help with building and restoration projects. Contractors for Nationwide Contacting are dedicated to getting their work done on time, within budget, and with the quality and commitment to client services the owner prizes.

Nationwide Contracting was founded by Joseph Armato who currently possesses over twenty-five years of contracting experience. As an experienced contractor, Joseph Armato sought out to create a business that truly cared about clients and their work. Over the years, commitment to quality and clients has earned Nationwide Contracting a well-deserved reputation for customer satisfaction.

Joseph Armato himself is a licensed general contractor. Skilled in a number of areas, he took particular interest in specializing in fire restoration. As a general contract company, Nationwide Contracting has a well-earned reputation for the proper repairs and restoration of home and commercial fires. The contractors utilized by Nationwide Contracting are specialized even in their fire restoration skills. Skill range from reducing post-fire risks to homes to the reduction of water damage as a result of putting out house fires.

The experienced contactors at Nationwide Contracting make it one of the most trusted resources for contract work. The company stands upon the values it was founded on and continues to be one of the leading contract companies in New York, today. Clients can also call Nationwide Contracting for consultation services. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Nationwide Contracting wants clients to be informed about the damage to their homes, what repairs are necessary, the restoration process, and how long they can expect fire damage repairs to take. Nationwide Contracting supports and values clients by keeping them informed about project updates so clients have ease of mind knowing when and how their projects will be completed.

Surviving an Ever-Changing Economy: Nationwide Contracting

In the last 25 years the United States economy has had both its ups and its downs. Along with the peaks and turns in the economy come drastic effects on the housing market. Yet while many companies in real estate, construction, and contracting have not survived the down markets, one company has made it through thick and thin: Nationwide Contracting.

The economies recent recession has had astounding effects on all areas of business in the United States, and the housing market has taken some major hits from it. And through it all Nationwide Contracting has continued to turn profits. What has been their key? What enabled them to continue to bring in business in the middle of bleak circumstances? Employees of Nationwide Contracting would tell you it was their repeat customers and honest ethical treatment. With the economy in a fragile state, people have been less willing to spend money, but there are times when it is necessary. People then want to be sure that they are going to get a good return-on-investment when they lay down their hard earned money.

That’s where the reputation of Nationwide Contracting comes into play. Customers and clients know what they are going to get when the pay for the contracting services of Nationwide Contracting. They know they are going to get quality work, good prices, and honest treatment. Those three things have made it easier for clients to spend money in a tight marketplace. Nobody wants to pay more than they have to, and nobody wants to have a job done half way. Nationwide Contracting stands for competitive pricing and superior work. Those are two factors that have put them above the competition-- even in difficult financial times.

Two and a half decades of business will teach you a lot about maintaining and cultivating success, and the changing financial status in the United States over the past quarter century has done just that for Nationwide Contracting.

Nationwide Contracting Happy to Help

As an experienced fire restoration company, Nationwide Contracting has been a part of helping hundreds of families restore their homes. Along with the restoration process comes the opportunity to develop up close and personal relationships with people in vulnerable circumstances. One such relationship was recently developed with a single mother in Upstate New York.

When Joanne, a single mother of two children under the age of 5, came home from work to see her small two bedroom home smoking, she figured the worst. The damage was bad. Thick smoke escaped from the windows even after the fire was extinguished, and black soot covered everything in the house. All the family pictures, the kids toys in the playroom, the new bed spread in her room, everything was covered in black chalk. That’s when she thought it was over. She thought everything she had worked so hard to provide for herself and her kids had literally ‘gone up in smoke.’ She thought it was over until she met the folks at Nationwide Contracting.

Nationwide Contracting worked alongside her to restore the homes structure, remove potential hazards, and make improvements to prevent future accidents. But even more than that, the contractors sent by Nationwide Contracting were able to talk her through the process. Nationwide Contracting explained how the company would finance all the construction and renovation until payments were received from the insurance company. They kept her up to date on all the details of the process, and let her see firsthand what they were doing to improve the structure and deter future fires. They were there when Joanne brought her two kids back into their home for the first time after the fire, and they’ll be there if she has any more questions in the future. Nationwide Contracting is not just in the contracting business, they are in the business of helping.

Reflections from 25 Years in Business with Nationwide Contracting

Two and a half decades of experience in any field of business will give you a clear understanding of what it takes to be successful. The case is no different for Joseph J Armato and Nationwide Contracting. After sitting down and reflecting on a quarter century of experience in the contracting field, he has come up with a couple thoughts on how to properly maintain a successful business over many years.

He likes to say that Nationwide Contracting is built from the ground up. To him, being built from the ground up means a solid basis of integrity and hard work. Before even thinking about developing a business and a portfolio of clients, it is vital to make sure your ethics are in the right place, says Nationwide Contracting. You cannot build a lasting company if the founders and owners are not willing to treat people the way they want to be treated.

The second way Nationwide Contracting has been so successful is through repeat customers and word of mouth. Building trust with clients and doing the job right can mean serious return on investment. Not only are you profiting off of the project at hand, but you are also gaining future projects just by doing a good job. Doing the work right the first time and making things easy on your client is one of the smartest investments a business can make. In addition to repeat business from your specific client, it is also likely that they will share their experiences with friends and families. If you have done the job/assignment well, the next time someone asks them for a recommendation they will likely suggest your company, reminds Nationwide Contracting.

Nationwide Contracting has been a successful contracting company for over 25 years now, and part of that long term success is a result of some of the practices mentioned above.

Nationwide Contracting: Building a Company on Ethics is Key

Ask any established business what their key ingredients to success are and one common thread will likely be ethics. Nationwide Contracting has definitely found this to be true in their 25 years of operation. They have based their interactions with clients and employees on courtesy, honesty, and fairness. What follows is a list of some practical ways businesses can develop ethical practices. Nationwide Contracting has found each of these to be key components in their successful company makeup.

(1) Be Transparent. Being upfront and honest with customers and employees is huge. This shows that you have nothing to hide and goes a long way in establishing trust. Your willingness to be an open book takes the spotlight and criticism off of you and instead cultivates an appreciation for your hard work, says Nationwide Contracting.

(2) Follow the Golden Rule. Put simply; treat others how you want to be treated. Being nice to people always comes back around. If you are willing to work with your customers and employees in a patient and respectable manner, they are more likely to return the favor when you are in a tight spot, reminds Nationwide Contracting.

(3) Don’t Cut Corners. Don’t ever do anything half way, go the full mile, says Nationwide Contracting. Cutting corners may save you a few minutes on a project or job, but chance are it will come back to bite you. Do the job right the first time and you save yourself a lot of hassle on the backend. You are also more likely to have repeat customers if they don’t have to call you over and over again to complete a task that should have been completed already, says Nationwide Contracting.

There are countless other rules that Nationwide Contracting has followed over the past two and a half decades, but these three are a good place to start for any business looking to establish themselves on an ethical foundation.