Two week project


About / Summary

I chose my project because members of the military need more resources to help themselves and/or their loved ones. And many don’t know where they can find these resources.

Many members of the military, especially those that have been in combat, need medication, counseling, and other medical facilities. Many develop depression, PTSD, anxiety and other disorders like these, so they would need these resources.It is also is hard for these members to transition from soldier/sailor/airmen back to civilian so many stay in despite the fact that they want to leave. And it is hard to find a jobs and housing. So my plan is to expose how many veterans are on the street still, and also help get these people the things that they need to live their everyday lives.

Driving questions

How can we improve access to better medical facilities, medication, counseling for members of our Military? How can we better ease military members into civilian life? (Especially for those that have seen combat)


How you can help veterans

This page shows how you can find ways to help veterans that are homeless and veterans that have mental illnesses. I thought that this page was important because some people might not know that there are ways that they can help veterans whether it be a loved one or if they just want to help.

Identifying mental illness

This page shows how you can identify the symptoms of mental illness. I thought that this page was important because some people may not know the symptoms of these illnesses and sometimes they can get to be very serious. It's important to be able to know what these symptoms are so that you can seek help and get medication.

Interview with Nick Praska

I interviewed Nick Praska, the director for the Dallas County Veterans Affairs office. I asked him a few questions about how we can help veterans and he gave me some good information.


I found these statistics so more people are aware of how many people are suffering from theses things. It is also for those who are suffering from theses things know that they are not alone.

Resources to find help

This page includes hotline numbers like the Veteran Crisis hotline number and the National Suicide hotline number. It also includes information on websites that help veterans find jobs, and it also includes where you can go to get counseling, medicine, and to help find a home.