AC The Everyday Life Chair

By Bree & Amber

AC The Chair

Chair 101 AKA “AC”

This chair is made for every day life so you don’t have to do everything in life. It’s the revolutionary chair has everything you would dream about. You can have a musoge and relax in a bed like chair with the push of a button. It has arm rests that you can say what it will do and it will do it for you. The back of the chair will extend into a bed like piece so you can take a nap or do whatever. There is a phone case that is on the side of the chair and when you get a text or someone calls you a arm gets it for you. At the bottom of the chair is a radio cenectted by a special arm and its vioce activated so when you say “ Radio and the stations name”. It comes when you say AC and snap 3 times. It comes with a TV cenectted to the back of the chair with the screen facing the outside. Your phone will be included because the TV can take videos from the phone we are giving you and put them on the TV.There are sun glasses that you put on and a key board and screen come out in front of you so you can type. There is also a button at the edge of your chair to make your arm rests come down. Price:$350.99

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