Green turtles

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Turtles are native Australian reptiles.

The scientific name for green turtle is chelonia mydas. Green turtles only live in Australian oceans.

The female green turtle is 1metre long and the male turtle is 1.02 metre long. Green turtle can weigh up to 130 kilograms. It needs jellyfish and air. Green turtles do not give birth they lay eggs. Green turtles need some air every day. Green turtles nest on more than 20 beaches in Australia. About 50,000 female green turtles nest in Australia each year.

Green turtles predators are bandicoots, dingos and birds.

Green turtles have to put up with loss of habitat, pollution, fishing nets, feral cats and dogs. Animals like dingos and bandicoots dig up and eat their eggs.

Turtles need a safe environment in order to survive.