8th Grade Social Studies

Mr. Sarrels and Mrs. Queen


Hello! You are receiveing this newsletter to let you know that your child has been assigned to *Mandatory Tutorials* with me after school either...

TODAY Tuesday the 16th
OR Wednesday the 17th until 5PM.

This has been assigned to your child because they have not turned in the Summer Reading Assignment. This assignment was due at the beginning of the school year and is a MAJOR GRADE! If your child does not get this turned in they will most likely fail our Social Studies class for the first 9 weeks.

I have created an alternate assignment that we will complete TOGETHER. Please encourage your child to come in after school. It is not my desire for any students to fail because of this assignment and I want to help each of them get this turned in.

I appreciate your help and support getting your child to come in for help. Please remind your child and let them know that is is mandatory.
Thank you!

Below is a link to sign up for the late bus.


Contact Mrs. Queen

Below is my email and Google Voice number, please feel free to contact me anytime about anything!