The Elegy of Steve Erwin

Molly Smith

A family, left fatherless-

Because you were a man, too fearless to save yourself

Taken so quickly by something you loved

Stabbed where your love poured out.

Your daughter,

left to remind the world of your brave spirit

When she came, your daughter,

You shared your love with her,

Teaching her the way of the wild

And sharing your free spirit.

You inspired her,

She wears your grin, wide as the ocean, (Simile)

Your joy, pure as the driven snow. (Simile)

Adventures called out your name, (Personification)

And because you chose to listen,

You saved the lives of so many creatures.

You were insanely talented, you know.

You could hold a venomous snake,

And as it whips back its neck, with wild eyes, ready for attack,

You could catch it, and bring it peace.

Every crocodile, koala, kangaroo, you name it-

You were there for them.

A heart of gold- (Metaphor)

Selfless and courageous.

You'd save a crocodile

Before yourself.

How silly were you,

And yet, a genius kind of brave.

-Molly Smith

ShockFront - EYE OF THE TIGER (80s Metal Version)


Steve Erwin was in fact, full of excitement and joy. He did what he did for "the trill of the fight". Granted, he tried to save animals, rather than kill them, but he was fighting for their "will to survive". The reason I chose the metal version is because Steve Erwin was a huge fan of heavy metal music. That was the kind of music he would listen and dance to with his family.
Steve Irwin Tribute - You will cry


I personally enjoyed this song used to pay a tribute to Steve Irwin, so I decided to put it in as well.