Solar Energy: All things Solar

By Bryton & Nastassjia


  • Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered how electricity can be generated from sunlight in 1839.
  • He saw the photovoltaic power was very efficient, and the solar cells were used for measuring light.
  • Over one hundred years later, Russell Ohl, in 1941, invented the solar cell.

Environmental Impact

Pros and Cons

  • Solar Energy provides a tremendous amount of energy without pollution, or global Warming.
  • Solar Energy gives clean energy source without contamination.
  • Available anywhere there's sunlight.
  • Reduces the amount we use on fossil fuels.
  • It's costly to install panels into your home.
  • The pollution in the area can cause problems with the energy cells.

Insight On Solar Energy

  • Solar Energy is powered by the sun.
  • Can be converted into other types of energy such as Thermal
  • Photovoltaic (PV) that is used to heat homes, pools and other buildings by panels.
  • The suns hydrogen atoms combines with the helium atoms that generates energy (Nuclear fusion).
  • Solar Energy is mostly used for Heat, electricity, and lighting.
  • Solar Energy is renewable, it will continue to be renewable until there is no sun.
  • Scientists believe the sun will exist for another 6 billion years and having solar energy is much better than releasing harmful toxins into the atmosphere.

Reasons why you should use Solar Energy

  1. Solar energy poses no potential threat to the environment.
  2. Even though the panels are costly they do not break easily.
  3. The sun provides enough energy each hour to supply the nations need for energy for one year.
  4. It is NOT true that the Panels provide energy only in the day. During the morning and afternoon, the panels provide you with more electricity than you're using now.
  5. There is a three day storage that keeps power for when the suns not out.
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