The Prophet Speaks!

What does he have to say?

What Exactly Left The Prophet's Lips?

As Caesar marched his way back to his quarters with his closest friends and guards in tow, the Blind Prophet emerged from the shadows to relay a rather disturbing message. When later interviewing the mighty Caesar, he reveals the exact words spoken. "Beware the Ides of March." Caesar also reveals that the Prophets warning doesn't trouble him, for he is, after all, Julius Caesar.

Though he may not be concerned by the words of warning, our nation has taken it upon itself to dissect the message of the Prophet.

The Meaning of the Message?

As mentioned above, everyone has come together to determine any and all possible meanings of the Prophet's earlier warning. At this point, we've narrowed down the fact that the Prophet speaks of a specific date: March 15th. What will happen? Is the warning foreshadowing a fall? Is Caesar soon to be no more? No one knows. But what is known is that this revelation doesn't sound like it's a good one. Watch out, Caesar. It seems a storm is brewing close to home.