Connor Halverson- Hr 8

Overview Of Career

Ordering, preparing, and dispensing prescription drugs. Know lots of things about drug side effects and how much of a drug a person should take.

What You Need To Know To Succeed

Some classes to take for high school would be Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Foreign Language (Minimum of 2 Years), Statistics, and Probability At least two years of college and a doctorate degree in pharmacy school. Some college degrees to get would be at least two years of college in math and science and a doctorate degree in pharmacy school.

Cost Of Education And Living

Iowa State University

Grand Total- $59,272

Tuition for four years- $26,592

Tuition per year- $6,648

Housing and food on campus for four years- $32,280

Gas money on a carpool with one person- $100

Clothing money- $300

I would apply for financial aid and I would get a part time job.

Associations/Professional Organizations for this Career

Two good organizations to get involved with that would help would be and

Pros and Cons

Three Pros

1) It pays good.

2) I'm good at math and science and the job requires it.

3) It sounds good to help people and the job sounds fun.

Two Cons

1) You are on call.

2) Sometimes if you screw up you could cause death or illness.

Job Advertisement

Pharmacology is a great job and would be a great job for you! Becoming a Pharmacist you would be ordering, preparing and dispensing drugs to help people. As a Pharmacist you would work inside drug stores, grocery stores, and pharmacies. But you would have to get a bachelors degree, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, foreign language, statistics and probability, also pharmacy college. And to add to that the entry level is $99,830 dollar per yer.