Edgewood LeaseStar Update

October 2015

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Exciting News

  • Lead Follow-up and Tracking Report - We have resolved the issue with this report where the user was not able to select Gross Leases, just New Leases.
  • User Interface Enhancements - We have released new enhancements to the Landing Page, Property Search Widget and Prospects pages.

Implementation, Training & Sales

  • 16 property websites were implemented in September by your Specialist, Bronte Holten.
  • Westwood Place and Warren Place had property photo shoots this month.
  • Park 7 went live on "All Calls" with Level One.
  • Document management umplementation/questions can be handled by Stefanie Arkham, Document Management Product Manager.
  • All orders for ActiveBuilding are implemented by Rebekah Lustig.
  • All orders for Online leasing, Resident Portals and Web Services are implemented by Megan Frank.

Introducing LeaseStar's Training Portal

Support Overview OR Product Overview

Below is a snapshot of your support history for September 2015. OneSite Affordable has the majority of your cases with 30.51% and OneSite Leasing and Rents Conventional was second with 25.74%. OneSite training can be scheduled through the RealPage Training Department.

SUGGESTIONS: Besides questions regarding OneSite, LeasingDesk Screening is fourth on the list. For more information about Screening, Christine Jachetta is filling in for Brenda Chilson as she is out of the office: Christine.Jachetta@RealPage.com or 972.820.4823.

RealPage Payments: Need additional information about Payments? View a demo or screening webinar available through our RealPage Services Website! Stephanie Morgan is your Payments Account Manager and can be reached at Stephanie.Morgan@RealPage.com or 972- 820-4163 if any questions are outstanding.

Invoicing Questions? Calvin Robinson is your Enterprise Accounts Receivable Analyst and can answer any invoicing questions you may have @ Calvin.Robinson@RealPage.com 866.775.7727 ext. 1016413

Upcoming Overall Status Calls:

Wednesday, November 11th @ 2:00 pm EST

Wednesday, December 9th @ 2:00 pm EST