Social Studies

By: Max Vandeginste


Jamestown was started by the English settlers. This trip was founded by Queen Elizabeth herself. The settlers came to a place called Roanoke island. The colonists relied on native Americans for food, but unfortunately a drought caused native Americans food supplies to go low. Most of the colonists were effected it and starved to death. Another thing was that disease spread throughout the town. ,many died of that to. The survivors returned to England. Then Raleigh sent another 150 settlers the next year. The colonists leader, John White also came to England, when he came back he couldn't find the people of Jamestown. Jamestown eventually became part of the southern colonies.

The Virginia Company

The new king, James the first, started a company called the Virginia company. This company wanted to start a colony to earn money. Finally from all the profit the company earned from the investors and their own valuables they where ready to start what they were planning. They sent three ships west with over one hundred colonists on each boat. They had to pick a good spot to start the colony so that they were hidden from Spanish attacks.

New England

When colonies were spread out all along the east cost of what is now America, they were separated into three groups, New England, middle, and the southern. New England was cold. There were mountains and plains were they lived. They traded goods with England, other colonies, and Indians a lot. On the shore They built ships, fished and hunted for whales. Jobs there included church leaders, farmers, and artisans. They had many natural resources such as wood, water, and fish. They also had goods such as corn and vases. In Massachusetts Most thought the rules here were unfair such as the rule that you are not allowed to practice a different religion. Also that only church men who owned property could vote some got kicked out by breaking these rules. For example Thomas Hooker left to start a colony called Connecticut where people could practice their own religion. Even though most people had the same religion in god.

Middle colonies

The conditions in these colonies are very good such as rich soil and a warm climate. There were mountains and forests there. They grew wheat here and sold half of`it and ate the other. They also made money of of the iron that they mined. There were a lot of jobs such as miners, farmers, and churchman. there was wood and cattle there. They also had goods such as wheat and corn. The whole area wasn't the same. Like the fact that New York and New Jersey have a different religion than other colonies in the middle area. In fact most of the colonies in the middle had different religion. Then the duke of York gave up part of his land to other colonies. A Quaker, William Penn, was ready to pay Indians if they said the colony was taking their land.

Southern Colonies

The southern colonies had way more slaves than the others, after all that is were their trading post was with the west indies. Their climate is cold and brisk. there are forests and plains. you could be an artisan, church leader,servant, or farmer there. your natural resources would be would be wood and fish. goods would be corn and tobacco. Georgia is one of the colonies there. Georgia had a key military role and was noticed for having a great relationship with the nearby Indians. middle colonies were mostly Methodists or Catholics.
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