ios 7 feedback

negative feedback

  • you cannot personalize the I phone the way you would like to.
  • ios 7 can make the simplest tasks into the most complicated.
  • instead of the background moving with the phone, the phone moves with the background.
  • you get confused on how you see the spotlight and the notifications.
  • some features in your I phone hide, and cannot find them.
  • the keyboard has changed as well you can't tell when you capitalized, and you also can't tell when you press shift.
  • the ios 7 drains the battery down.
  • home screen does not work very well when in a folder.
  • when you install the ios 7 the phone can sometimes not take the charger.
  • while the phone is charging you sometimes might think it's not because it stays red in tell it surpasses 20%.
  • to go back to home you have to actually press the home button.

positive feedback

  • the control center is much easier to get to with the ios 7.
  • most people like the new iTunes radio.
  • they really liked the camera app, more than the one the ios 7 had.
  • the face time audio is much better then before updating to the ios 7.

why you should update to the ios 7

As good as they always make things seem, the ios 7 has it's positives and it's negatives. Looking threw all of them their were more complaints on the ios 7. Most complaints were on the battery, most people said they had to keep their iPhone on the charger because the ios 7 would drain down the battery. Having an iPhone you would like to personalize the way you want and updating it to the ios 7, you can't do that. You always want the simplest things done, and with the ios 7, it turns the simplest tasks into the most complicated. Those are just a couple problems the ios 7 has, but most people did not like the ios 7 as much as the ones made before.

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