Board Report

August: Hillsdale Area Career Center

HACC Parent Communication: COVID R2L Plan

HACC communicated its R2L plan to schools and parents via School messenger and social media.

  • We will be working with schools to provide student's that opt for online learning the ability to take online CTE type classes through their online platforms (Edgenuity, Edmentum)
  • Both platforms offer classes that will enable students to meet pre-requisite requirements to enter year 2 of our CTE programs. *Health Science: If a year one student who is not attending HACC takes Anatomy/Physiology and Health Science 1 and receives a B or better and who has already taken Biology, they would be eligible to enter the year 2 program @ HACC during the 21-22 school year.
  • HACC cannot offer these online versions because they are not recognized by the state as CTE programs.

Registration Improvements

Brenda is working with JCISD to automate our registration process.

  • We are first working with schools that use Powerschool.
  • JHS and RHS use Skyward
  • Brenda will use this process to import data from LEA's PS into HACC's PS. No more hand entering.

Parent/Student Handbook changes

Pg. 4 Added Education Program

Pg. 5 Waiting on LEA's to send their new calendars

Pg. 7 Changed Career Cruising to Xello

Pg. 12 Added Construction Trades in the locker section

Pg. 19 Waiting on LEA calendars so we can set marking period and progress report dates

Pg. 20 Added Essential Employability Skills wording for the grading process of employability. We streamlined the categories that are reported so students can be active participants in the process. Move to increase accountability.

Pg. 24 Changed the tardy time to 30 min from 60 min.

Pg. 32 We changed the driving policy so that LEA's are responsible for giving the student permission to drive a personal car to HACC.

General changes

  • Kara Carwell replaces Susanne