Child Labor Laws.


Child labor laws are put in place so children can get their education while going to your workplace and earning money. The cap on hours worked for children is 40 hrs in Georgia over the age of 16, Ages 15 and under is 20 hours. The minimum wage they can give you is $7.25

Child labor laws in Alabama are as followed:

Like Georgia the hours are the same the only difference is those under 14 can not work, and are not eligible for a working permit. Also minimum wage is 7.25 as well as in georgia.

Child labor laws in Africa are as followed: Any age can work, and pay is given by the person that hires you. No hour cap or money minimum is stated.

Child Labor laws in India are as followed: Child labor in India is as followed 14-16 hour days, every day for as little as $4 a day.