By: Jocelyn Dobrzycki

Volleyball Fundamentals

  1. You have six players on the court.
  2. You have a total of three touches.
  3. You can't hit it twice in a row.

Some Rules!

There are three people in the front and three people in the back. The person on the right side serves first. They are in the number one spot. Everyone has to work together to accomplish three hits and to win the point. Not only can women play but men can also play. Most of the rules are the same.


Always Having Fun!

Love the Game.

This is a very fun sport to play. Everyone loves to be able to jump and hit the ball down, slide on the floor to get a ball, and set the ball and feel in control of the game. But most importantly this team becomes your family and you stick together.


In this sport you need speed, endurance, strength, balance, vertical, and most importantly heart.